List of products by brand CAVE FIN BEC SA

Cave Fin Bec à Sion is located in the heart of the Valais wine region and is surrounded by vineyards. The general situation is both special and picturesque. With a lot of hard work, dedication and skill, Yvonne and Yvo Mathier have devoted themselves tirelessly to the development of the domain and the Fin Bec brand over the past 16 years. Adherence to the guidelines for sustainable treatment has long been a given. Fin Bec means the cosmopolitan side of the Rhône. It inspires us to create exceptional wines, as only Valais can produce them: our blends, our classics, our specialties and sparkling wines from Valais.

Currently, we cultivate 16 different grape varieties on 16.7 hectares. A large part of the vines are indigenous grape varieties from Valais, which make our wines so unique and precious. Each hectare is made up of vines and plots which are vinified separately.

Since 2011, our vines have been cultivated by Vitis Agro Sàrl according to the precise guidelines of Bio Suisse, in particular

- Treatment and fertilization of the vines mainly with natural agricultural products from the region.

- Two different heights of grass in summer between the rows of vines, create a habitat for various rodents and rabbits and allow certain species of birds, such as the lark, to nest.

- The cultivation of the vine is fully mechanized - All the vineyards are equipped with adequate irrigation systems and are located within a radius of 15 minutes by car from the winery.