List of products by brand CAVE LA ROSE D'OR

The only cellar in Switzerland that produces all of its wines in oak barrels or terracotta amphora.

Natural wines.

Several times awarded for the quality of its wines, notably at the Swiss Wine Grand Prix, Prix Vinissimo Meilleure Blanc Suisse, Mondial des Pinots, Mondial du Chardonnay and Mondial du Merlot.

Jean-Michel Walker (THE BOSS!) The Walther family has continued the tradition established in Luins for four generations, the Walther family has skillfully taken advantage of the nature of the terroirs, combining them harmoniously with the different grape varieties.

The cultivation of 4 hectares of vines was entrusted to a winegrower friend. However, Jean-Michel proudly watches over his cellar. This is where he passionately refines white, rosé and red wines.

Follower of geo-biology, close to the fundamentals of biodynamics, his goal is to plant in accordance with the energies of the place, for better health of the vine.

Jean-Michel is also passionate about the lunar phases and he consults his calendar so that each stage of winemaking is carried out at the right time.

He spends a lot of time developing his labels, both in terms of design and the names of his wines, in order to have a touch of originality.