List of products by brand CAVE DUBUIS & RUDAZ

Our passion, our philosophy

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to it and we owe it to it.

Cultivating it with the concern of ensuring its sustainability is also guaranteeing our own !

To make wine on the island is not about knowing oenology, because this alchemy of transforming grapes into living wine is not a creative science… because only nature creates !

It is not a question of applying a technique to better control life and produce better wines; on the contrary, it is about letting oneself be inspired and trusting in the dynamics of life.

It is a long-term collaboration between nature and humans.

Homo Oenologus must observe, open his mind to the understanding of nature and its various facets.

Founded in 1985, the Dubuis & Rudaz cellar is the fruit of friends who love vines and wine. From a secondary activity, it became the main activity for its partners in 1994 and then moved to Sion. Its sole aim is therefore to produce high quality wines while safeguarding the heritage.

This work tool is both efficient and traditional, technological but authentic, modern and respectful of the environment. The Dubuis & Rudaz cellar is a signatory of the corporate ecology charter that meets full recycling standards.

It is used as much for the aging of our wines in vats as for the traditional elaboration of wines in oak barrels.